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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 15, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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nd fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos on the web and the stories behind them "right this minute." there's the pit maneuver right there. took him out. >> l.a. police get their man and then we see a passenger come out. but hear about the small bundle still inside that left cops stunned. >> comes say this guy made this video. >> to invite people to come to a huge house party. >> now a house is trashed, he's facing charges, and it looks like a new movie sparked it all. he's got the adult diaper. they've got the firecracker.
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it's all fun and games -- >> before they drop it down uncle keith's pants. >> you'll see an m-80 in action. >> you even saw a flame shoot out his pants. it's not all sunny when a weather castor blows her spout and storms out. >> we will kick things off today with a police chase caught on camera. this happened in los angeles. it was covered by practically every news station. pay close attention to this white pickup truck. their leading california highway patrol on a chase. you watch the pit maneuver. >> there's the pit maneuver. first chance. smashed the police car into the curb. >> wow. >> the driver inside the truck peacefully surrendered. >> probably a good idea to peacefully surrender when you have ten cops pointing their gun at you. >> then we see a passenger come
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out the driver's side door. >> wait. >> this is a woman. >> you're about to tell me something else is going to happen. >> that's exactly right, gayle. pay attention to this officer here at the top of your screen. >> oh, my. it's a baby, isn't it. >> it's see the cameraman notices and focuses in. the officer carries the child in the car seat. >> it's like an infant car seat. >> that's right. it was an infant car seat. >> why was the guy running? >> the chase began when los angeles police tried to pull the car over for dui. wins the truck hit the freeway, california highway patrol took over. >> was the baby okay? >> no reports on whether the baby was injured in any way. the driver and passenger of the car were both taken into
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custody. >> here i am thinking that pit maneuver in the beginning was cool, something out of a demolition derby. now i feel bad. there's a baby in the car. >> think how that officer feels, i hit that car and there was a baby in there. >> but he did the right thing. it was under control, low speed. who knows if this guy could have taken off, ran the light, crashed it could have been a lot worse. i think they did the right thing. we all work in the news business, we know you don't want to drop an expletive live on the air, right? that happened to rachel plat. >> she is the weather castor. >> so, the day could start cloudy and showery, we actually see plenty of sunshine as we move into the afternoon. that will -- oh. >> what? >> so, rachel was doing the weather forecast, she dropped the s.o.b. word on the air. >> wait. are we certain this was live? sometimes what happens is they'll tape these segments and the editors pull the wrong take.
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that's how sometimes these things get on the air. >> you would think the editors would have caught that and heard it as they were putting everything together. but if you're doing a live broadcast, you're really under a time crunch. maybe they just put the wrong tape in the deck. >> if you look at her facebook page, somebody on her page wrote get well soon, rachel, stay away from the fish and breckenridge later on. >> maybe she had food poisoning, who knows. a lot of people are telling her to get well as well as it happens to everyone. you're a professional. no need to apologize. she's gotten a lot of support. >> our show is not live, and we would be lying if we didn't say we messed up. especially gayle. >> hey. >> potty mouth. put that in there. high school kids seem to want to do stuff that will make them a legend.
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>> that's exactly what 18-year-old christopher day thought would happen. this is a video christopher made to invite people to come to a human house party inspired by the movie that came out earlier this month called project x. >> this guy wanted to have a house party that -- like this house party? >> that's exactly correct. >> here are some images from wsvn in miami and ft. lauderdale. >> as you can see in the video, they vandalized the house. so christopher broke into an unoccupied home and thought this is a great location. listen to more of what say. >> you can do anything. anything you want to do. [ bleep ]. >> this party went viral. it was on craigslist, twitter, facebook. people were text messaging the invitations. this party was supposed to take place on monday and last through tuesday morning. >> good night for a party, monday. >> this video went viral and people started coming out to the
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neighborhood where the house party was supposed to happen. security and police got wind of it. before the heart party happened arrested christopher. about 2,000 people showed up to the party. of course they were turned away. >> would have been awesome if they had the party without them. >> according to the management company that owns the home, the damage to the property is about $20,000 they are planning to sue christopher for damages. he is out on bail but was charged with one count of burglary and one count of criminal mischief. >> you don't want to get sprayed by pepper spray. it's not a fun feeling. tom, we've seen tom before, he has created a goo that's flame retardant and heat resistant. he thinks all police forces should have neutralizer on hand. they will test it out on their
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buddy, bad finger. bad finger rubs it in his eyes like they told him to. >> rub it in your eyes, everything. >> >> i don't feel like it's neutralizerment. >> the neutralizer is supposed to counter act the effects of the pepper spray in about 30 seconds, but they believe bad finger is having a bad allergic reaction to the -- >> he could be having an allergic reaction. >> help, i can't breathe! >> they're spraying copious amounts of this stuff on bad finger. >> this is definitely not a glowing endorsement for the neutralizer. >> they think it is. >> in most cases the neutralizer works quickly. >> within 30 seconds. >> in his case, it took about five minutes. >> five minutes. >> at least he didn't go through it for 30 minutes. i don't think would have made it. >> no, i think he would have died. >> i think it's a good idea for a product. a lot of times when you see cops pepper spraying large amounts of
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people, sometimes innocent people get hit by the stuff. this is about ten minutes in to a serious reaction, he's feeling better he says. >> it's coming down. coming down. a stuntman goes all iron man and takes on -- >> a sports car. >> see who comes out on top in the turbo challenge, if they survive. and these apes are taking the phrase monkeying around literally. >> they're like cirque du soleil performances. >> yeah. and then things get weird. >> is this mom making
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. when you are a world class stunt motorcycle rider and you have done everything there is to do, there's only one thing left
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to do. that's race on a bobsled run. >> on a bike? on a dirt bike? >> on a dirt bike. on the bike is world stunt champ chris pfeiffer this is at ins bro insbrook run at austria. what i didn't tell you is that they're racing each other. >> oh, they're playing chicken. >> they have timed this run for them to meet at exactly the point where it is a two-lane change where they will cross each other. >> no way. >> yes way. >> look at this. >> that's awesome, so the dirt bike -- >> here he comes. they did it. >> man. so the dirt bike was going uphill, the bobsled is going downhill. >> yes. >> they were so close they could have high-fived each other.
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>> they could have. if either one of them was off by a half second this would have been a completely different video. >> how do you aboard the run? once it's going, it's going. there's nowhere to go. if somebody is late, too fast or too slow, you can't -- what do you do. >> i think it's also funny they're at night, turning the lights on. it looks like they broke into this place toull this stunt ff apes at the toronto zoo. here they are monkeying around. you are looking at females ramai and sicali and their youngsters. >> how cute are these little guys. >> you have two mommies, two babies, and they're playing, climbing, do all kinds of fun stuff. >> they are like cirque du soleil performances. >> i know. i'm sure the tickets are cheaper. so you see the nature of life. baby can't decide which teat will i nurse off of? mom is like whatever.
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this is when it gets funny to me. baby ape swinging around, mom lying there like my goodness, would you calm down. crawls up there. gets some cuddling time with mom. wait, is this mom making out with the money. >> the baby tried to swallow mom's head. >> what? is that normal behavior? >> i don't know. >> maybe this is where the open-mouth kiss really started. the jet pack seemed to be something of the future, but it is now a reality it has been for a few years, but it's doing cool things this is 23-year-old thrill seeker nick mccolmer, former stuntman, skydiver, pilot. he will race a sports car with a jet pack on. >> he is wearing the jet pack and they have two racers in the car? >> nick is wearing the jet pack and two racers in the car this
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is in australia the formula 1 circuit. nick has to take off and get forward momentum. he lights the wick, jumps in the air. here is nick flying alongside. >> definitely not on the same level. >> it's still kind of cool. nick only flew about 16 seconds. the fuel on the jet pack runs out in 30 seconds. doesn't have a whole lot of time. >> yeah. >> he got up to about 62 miles per hour in this run. i think it's cool. and the more we see things like this the easier it will be to get jet packs to guys like me. >> where are you going to go? going to go everywhere. >> tomorrow on "right this minute" -- ♪ >> the crazy thing about this these aren't stunt guys. this is their life. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute." they're going to drop an
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m-80 firecracker down that guy's pants. >> no! >> don't be scared. don't be scared. [ laughter ] >> our advice? you got to see this one. and 68 day on a bicycle to reach the highest point in africa and his life. >> any day where it seemed way too difficult and you wanted to give up?
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at, great videos all day long. i've got a really cool story about a mega trek that goes from low to high. kyle henning decided to start at the shows of lake gaso lshgl ank 1,354 miles to the highest point in africa. he hiked up to the top of auhora peak. >> this is a physically demanded trip. >> a lot of ground to cover. to tell us more, kyle henning joins us live, via scream. kyle, why did you decide to make
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this trip. >> i lived in ethiopia at the time. i wanted to climb kilimanjaro and what better way to see africa than go by bicycle much. >> so how is "ja-booty" holding up after such an aggressive advent's all through such terrain going from the lowest point to the highest point. tell us about that. >> when i started in the beginning, gasol has some of the hottest temperatures on earth, then i ended up on top of a glacier. >> any day on your journey where it seemed way too difficult? i broke every single spoke on my rear tire, some of them more than once. i thought i was going to fail because my bicycle was falling apart. at that point i was ready to throw in the towel. >> do you have a favorite experience or day from this trip? >> when i came up to the summit of mount kenya in the morning, i could see mt. kilimanjaro in the distance.
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i was like this is actually possible. first glance, this looks like a couple of kids hanging a balloon or something out the window while they're speeding by on their car, but -- >> is that what i think it is? >> it is what you think it is. and not it's intended use. >> i didn't know they could get that big. >> yeah. >> oh, boy. >> what got so big? what didn't pop and what are we talking about? head to our website, and check out this video. >> the guy you're seeing in this freeze frame, that's uncle keith. these guys are hang out in st. thomas, ontario, canada uncle keith here has suffered some kind of bum mishap. i don't know what that means. but it caused him to wear adult diapers. so they think they can fix uncle keith's bum problem with an m-80 firecracker me firecracker. >> they teach that in medical school. one of these guys is a doctor,
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right. >> we have an m-80, a huge fire dr cracker. >> they are holding up the firecracker before they drop it down uncle keith's pants. >> don't be scared! don't be scared! >> you even saw a little flame shoot out of his pants. >> oh, my god. >> it starts getting really bad here, though. >> it starts getting really bad? he put a firecracker down his diaper! >> keep watching. >> that's awesome, man. oh, the stink. you can smell it. whose idea was this? >> all right. we got the old firecracker in
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the diaper trick, all said and done. >> oh, my god. >> could you imagine if he had tooted at the same time that thing went off? >> this is the stupidest, awesomest thing ever. >> you know what everybody should do today? go to >> boom! let's do it again. ♪ explore the sea in a new way. >> you can do twists, you can do turns, you can do dives. you can do all of that with this cool thing. >> i've never seen anything like
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(woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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these guys in the ukranei decided to celebrate their beautiful country with an awesome tilt shift lens little video. >> so this is that camera trick that sort of makes everything kind of like a toy or something. >> it looks like a doll house land. >> like someone created a model-sized version of their city. in this case, it's kiev in the ukraine. >> all the little people look like ants.
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>> almost looks like clay. >> and it happens to be colorful. >> it looks like someone made a stop motion film with their action figures a match box cars. >> that's exactly watlike. >> i love it. >> it makes the world look so much happier through that little lens. don't you wish you lived in this little land? >> it's big. >> but if you were in the little land. >> some people do live there. >> but if it was really a little land, the way this looks, if you could live in it and actually live in this little land. >> it's not actually small. >> i know. >> cat and mouse -- >> ah-ha, got you. what the -- how is this not working? over it. >> it's a water sport product that allows you to explore the
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sea in a totally new and different way. i've never seen anything like it. it's called the sub wing. it was developed by a guy in norway back in the summer of 2010. his name is simon sivertson, it's like this wing sort of thing that you hold on to. it's towed by a boat on the surface. you can sort of glide along the ocean floor or even cruise along the surface. you can control it by tilting the wings different directions, you can do twists, turns, you can do dives. >> you really have to know your own body real well, too. i would think it would be fun to kind of dive down with this thing, all of a sudden find yourself out of air 30 feet down because you were having fun with i it. >> the wings are made of fiberglass and epoxcy. the little swivel there in the middle is made of rubber and
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stainless steel. this thing is going for $700 and $895, but it looks like a lot of fun. >> almost makes you maneuver like a dolphin. >> kind of a marine animal. the wing almost makes you animal like. manammal. kind of like an underwater skateboard but with your hands. >> that's it for us at "right this minute." so glad you joined us. we have one more video for you, called "into the trees." don't forget, another half hour of "rtm" is on the way. ♪ 0
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